“With such an interesting mystery, great performances, and themes of hope and acceptance, DONOVAN’S ECHO is a great debut for Jim Cliffe.”

William Brownridge, TORONTO FILM SCENE.

After the success of his award-winning short film, TOMORROW’S MEMOIR, Jim strove to make his first feature. DONOVAN’S ECHO was Jim’s first feature-length script, co-written with his wife, Melodie Krieger. Out of 3,000 international screenplays, the script won the Bronze prize for Drama in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, and was also a quarter-­finalist in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships. Starring Danny Glover and Bruce Greenwood, the film enjoyed a small theatrical release in 2012 after a festival run. It has since been available on Netflix, Showtime, iTunes and On Demand.

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“One of the most masterful interpretations of the entire superhero legacy.”


Written, directed, and produced by Jim, TOMORROW’S MEMOIR was Jim’s first attempt at a professional film of his own. With a background in animation and illustration, Jim storyboarded the entire short scene-by-scene. Shot in British Columbia, Canada, TM was made for under $2,000, thanks to some savvy producing and well-planned pre-production, utilizing the talents and enthusiam of friends, family and local aspiring filmmakers. The short film would go on to win at the 2005 San Diego Comic-Con for Best Comics-Oriented Film, as well as receive strong reviews from Film Threat, Moviehole, DC Comics Magazine, and more.